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Workshop Descriptions

One Day Workshops

These short classes serve as quick introductions to following theatrical disciplines:

  • Career Paths in Theatre (CAR1)
  • Costuming (CST1)
  • Improv (IMP1)
  • Lighting Design (LD1)
  • Make-up (MAK1)
  • Monologue Skills & Audition Techniques (MON1)
  • Movement & Physical Theatre (PT1)
  • Puppetry (PP1)
  • Prop Construction (PRP1)
  • Set Construction (CON1) *hand & power tools may be used in this workshop
  • Sound Design (SD1)
  • Stage Combat (SC1)
  • Technical theatre/Stage Management (TSM1)
  • Theatre in the Maritimes (MAR1)
  • Voice & Singing (SING1)
  • Voice & Speech (VSP1)

Two Day Workshops

  • Acting (ACT2)
    • This 2-day workshop will be an introduction to many of the skills listed in the above 1-day workshops
  • Shakespeare in Performance (SP2)
    • This 2-day workshop will be an  a practical, on your feet, exploration of the Bard’s work.  Students will be required to participate in exercises that explore Shakespeare’s text in a performance context.  Speak the speech!! Students will stretch themselves physically, vocally, and will discover the secrets to unlocking the performance power of Shakespeare
  • Theatre Production (PROD2)
    • This 2-day workshop will be an introduction to “how to put on a play”, tracking from start to finish how to choose a play and plan it from start to finish

    Three Day Workshops

    These workshops give students a solid introduction to key theatre disciplines.

    • Directing (DIR3)
    • Playwriting (PLW3)

    *the following 3-day workshops will give participants a glimpse of the Fountain School of Performing Arts four theatre programs of study:

    • Theatre Acting (ACT3):
      • This class will be practical and experiential.  Students will be required to participate in exercises that test and strengthen coordination, focus, communication and teamwork.  The focus will be on self-discovery and working with others to create a safe dynamic environment in which all participants will be free to stretch themselves physically, vocally, artistically and ignite their imagination.  (An intro to DAL Theatre 1800
    • Design for the Theatre (DT3):
      • Students will explore lighting design, sound design, set and projection design, and will learn in a hands-on approach about the technical elements that bring a production to life.  (An intro to DAL Honours Tech. Theatre and Stage Design)
    • Musical Theatre (MT3):
      • Musical Theatre blends music (concentration in voice) with theatre acting, improvisation, dance and movement.  Students will work as a group on a song and dance number, which will be performed at the Festival on Saturday evening.  Enrolment is extremely limited.  (An intro to DAL combined Honours in Music & Theatre)