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Student Registration

Ready to register for DramaFest 2018?


Cost:  $65 per student (does not include transportation, accommodation, food, or another other charges that your school may have in place)

Deadline:  April 16th, 2018

Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  Any registrations after the deadline are not guaranteed their course selections.

There are two steps for a complete registration:  Payment AND Registration Details submission (includes Workshop preferences).  DramaFest will verify with your teacher AND parent/guardian before you are approved to attend.

Students who have been directed by their school to pay DramaFest fees directly, click here.  Not sure?  Check here: School List-Students pay Dramafest Step one – pay fees.  Step two.  No password – can’t proceed?  Check the confirmation email from your online payment for the info.  Paid by phone, in person, or by mail?  The password will be emailed at that point.  Found a way around all that and submitted the form without payment?  Your information will not match within the system and therefore be deleted.

Students who have been directed by their school to pay their teacher directly, click here.  Not sure?  Check here: School List-Students pay school Step one – pay your teacher.  Step two, complete the registration form and submit.  No password – can’t proceed?  Schools registered for DramaFest 2016 will be issued the appropriate information, so you must check with your teacher!


  1.  To pay online, you will need to have a login account and Visa or Mastercard.  If you’ve been to DramaFest and your email is in our system, the online portal will let you know.  Don’t know or have a password?  Not to worry, click “Forgot Password” and the system will instantly email it to you and you will be able to continue.
  2. Not already in our system?  You’re tech savvy – create an account.
  3. Not able to pay online with a credit card?  The payment page will give you other options.
  4. AFTER payment is received by DramaFest, you will be issued a password for the second step.


  1. DramaFest is a school event and all students are required to adhere to school board code of conduct to participate in this event.
  2. School and parent/guardian must approve a student’s registration for it to be valid.
  3. There will be no refunds of the $65 fee after April 16th regardless of attendance.
  4. Full payment in advance is required.
  5. School teachers and DramaFest staff have the right to remove a student who is behaving inappropriately at any point during the festival.  No refund will be issued.