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Workshop Descriptions

One Day Workshops

These short classes serve as quick introductions to the following theatrical disciplines:

        • Career Paths in Theatre (CAR1)
          • This workshop is more interactive lecture-style, and offers students an examination of paths to pursue and all the jobs that are possible as a professional career in theatre.
        • Costuming (CST1)
          • In costuming, students will gain an understanding of the principles of character costume design and creation, and get to see some of it in action!
        • Improv (IMP1)
          • Improv invites students of improv from all levels, aimed to build skills and confidence for those wanting to take their improvising skills to the next level!
        • Lighting Design (LD1)
          • During this “illuminating” one-day workshop, students will be taken into the world of stage Lighting! Light distribution, output, colour, wash, and temperature all play into making a gorgeous lighting design for a theatre show.
        • Make-up (MAK1)
          • A workshop on makeup for the theatre! From beautiful stage looks to special fx makeup.
        • Monologue Skills & Audition Techniques (MON1)
          • This workshop will focus on voice and monologue skills, and how these can translate into better audition pieces and techniques.
        • Movement & Physical Theatre (PT1)
          • This workshop provides students a focus on physicality, and how to create characters and scenes highlighting body language.
        • Puppetry (PP1)
          • Students will learn how to create and properly use puppets in theatre!
        • Prop Construction (PRP1)
          • Ever wondered how props are built? Or want to build some yourself? Students can take a peek backstage to see how it’s done!
        • Set Construction (CON1) *hand & power tools may be used in this workshop
          • A glimpse into the world of set construction and design. Students will get a chance to see the steps from start to finish to make set a reality
        • Sound Design (SD1)
          • In Sound Design, students will learn how our imagination affects what we think we hear and how this can be used in theatre making through music, sounds with a musical nature, sound effects, and abstract sounds.
        • Stage Combat (SC1)
          • A *totally safe!* exploration of all of the ways we can stage and depict combat and confrontation on stage and make it look realistic.
        • Technical theatre/Stage Management (TSM1)
          • Have a passion for organization and being a boss?? This workshop focusses on the world of Stage Management and the backstage roles of theatre.
        • Theatre in the Maritimes (MAR1)
          • This is another interactive lecture-style workshop, offering a window to highlight all of the many Theatre Festivals, Companies, and Programs that our great Maritime provinces have to offer to go see and be a part of!
        • Voice & Singing (SING1)
          • This workshop is designed to assist young singers in learning new techniques to warm up and develop their vocal, musical, and communicative capabilities.
        • Voice & Speech (VSP1)
          • Designed for a non-singing focus on the voice. How can we use our voice in different ways to communicate meaning in theatre? What characters can we create using our total range?

Two Day Workshops

These workshops will delve into subject areas that require more than just a three-hour overview in order to immerse students more deeply in their material:

            • Acting (ACT2)
              • A glimpse into the world of the theatre actor. Over 2 days students will learn new techniques, methods, and warmups to hone your skills as a performer for the stage!
            • Shakespeare in Performance (SP2)
              • This 2-day workshop will be a practical, on your feet, exploration of the Bard’s work. Students will be required to participate in exercises that explore Shakespeare’s text in a performance context. Speak the speech!! Students will stretch themselves physically, vocally, and will discover the secrets to unlocking the performance power of Shakespeare
            • Theatre Production (PROD2)
              • This 2-day interactive lecture-style workshop will be an introduction to “how to actually put on a play”. Tracking from start to finish how to choose a play, and see it put up onto the stage come to life.

Three Day Workshops

These workshops give students a comprehensive look and solid introduction to the following key theatre disciplines:

              • Directing (DIR3)
                • A 3-day chance for students to get to flex their director muscles. Be in charge of a script that you care about and make the decisions! Breathe life into a piece of theatre and see it come into existence through your leadership. This workshop will get students to practically experience directing a scene, while also honing their skills and teaching them new techniques.
              • Playwriting (PLW3)
                • A 3-day intensive into the world of writing a play. How do you start? What is important? Create and shape your own piece of writing in this workshop.
              • Theatre Acting (ACT3):
                • This class will be practical and experiential.  Students will be required to participate in exercises that test and strengthen coordination, focus, communication and teamwork.  The focus will be on self-discovery and working with others to create a safe dynamic environment in which all participants will be free to stretch themselves physically, vocally, artistically and ignite their imagination.  (An intro to the Fountain School of Performing Arts’ DAL Theatre 1800)
              • Design for the Theatre (DT3):
                • Students will explore lighting design, sound design, set and projection design, and will learn in a hands-on approach about the technical elements that bring a production to life.  (An intro to Fountain School of Performing Arts’ DAL Honours Tech. Theatre and Stage Design)
              • Musical Theatre (MT3):
                • Musical Theatre blends music (concentration in voice) with theatre acting, improvisation, dance and movement.  Students will work as a group on a song and dance number, which will be performed at the Festival on Saturday evening.  Enrolment is extremely limited.  (An intro to Fountain School of Performing Arts’ DAL combined Honours in Music & Theatre)